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What is Join The Band

“Join the band” is an exclusive program hosted by Edgewater Audio. The goal of the program is to connect Chicago area musicians to jam, rehearse, and eventually perform at local Chicago venues. Edgewater Audio handles the logistics, so participants can focus on the music and fun! This is not for kids like some rock schools you may have heard of around Chicago, or a group music education class geared towards adults. This is for adults that want an experience playing and interacting in a “band” setting.



We will gather for one hour weekly to practice. During this time you will interact with your band and an Edgewater Audio facilitator to tighten up your sound as a group. 

Image by Daniel Chekalov


Edgewater Audio will create a 5 song setlist and practice plan tailored to the band. We will be present at every rehearsal to assist in getting your band tight and ready for the stage! 

Image by Michael Mongin


After 4 weeks in the program we will have a band meeting to discuss how far we have come and live performance opportunities.

Join The Band Application

Send us your info and an Edgewater Audio Representative will reach out to you with more details...

Thanks for applying!

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